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Preguntas Frecuentes

Cremation offers a wide array of ceremonies from which to choose. A private or public visitation can be held before cremation is done. A memorial service can be held in a place of worship or at the cremation provider’s facility, with or without the cremated remains. This can be delayed as long as necessary after the death to allow family and friends to gather from distant locations. Some churches and retirement communities routinely handle these memorial services themselves, without the involvement of the cremation provider. Other possibilities include graveside services at the cemetery or columbarium. A scattering ceremony offers a personal touch only cremation can provide.

Yes, if such a funeral is desired, the deceased can be embalmed and placed in a ceremonial casket. With cremation the full funeral can be held without the expense of purchasing a casket or vault.

The quantity of cremated remains of an adult is comparable to the size of a 6 inch x 6 inch x 6 inch box or a large dictionary. Unless otherwise specified by the family. The remains are returned in a plain temporary container. This container should not be used for permanent disposition of the cremated remains.

Embalming is a practical necessity only if there is a public viewing or a funeral with the body present. The State of Texas does not require embalming.

The deceased may be clothed as desired by the family. A military uniform, scholastic robe or other special garment may be cremated. Often the special clothing is neatly folded and cremated with the deceased.

Large fragments of metal that can readily be separated from the ashes are removed prior to pulverization. Pacemakers and implanted measured dose dispensing devices have an explosive risk, and are removed prior to cremation.

No. Just call us at 1-800-648-4007 and we will handle all of the details in accordance to your wishes for cremation. You may then log into our secured server to complete the arrangements from the comfort of your home. You will never have to leave your home for any reason, unless you choose a service that includes a Memorial or Funeral Service followed by cremation. Our Funeral Directing Staff has spent many months designing, researching and creating this service to be as simple to use as possible.

The deceased is placed in a combustible alternative container , used during refrigerated storage and then placed intact in the cremation chamber. After cremation the remains are processed further by pulverization and then placed in the desired container selected by the family. We offer a wide selection of urns as well as keepsake mementos from which to select. Your family can choose to receive the cremated remains at the Funeral Home or they can be delivered or mailed for an additional fee.

Once vital statistic information is obtained from the family, a death certificate is sent to the attending physician to sign and certify the cause of death. Once completed by the attending physician, the death certificate is then sent to the Medical Examiner’s office for review. The Medical Examiner will issue a Cremation Permit after review. The Signed Death Certificate as well as the Cremation Permit is presented to the local registrar’s office where a Burial Transit Permit is issued. The total process could take a minimum of 7 days to complete.

The persons listed in priority below have the right, duty and liability to control the disposition (including cremation) of the decedent’s remains:

  • The decedent (if done through a prearrangement, in a will, or a written instrument signed and acknowledged by such person)
  • The person designated in an “Appointment of Agent of Remains” signed by the decedent
  • The decedent’s surviving spouse
  • The decedent’s surviving adult children
  • Either one of the decedent’s surviving parents
  • Any one of the decedent’s surviving adult siblings
  • Any adult person in the next degree of kinship in the order named by law to inherit the estate of the decedent
  • Authorization for Cremation form signed by the next of kin
  • Death certificate signed by the attending physician
  • Medical Examiner Cremation Permit
  • Burial Transit Permit issued by the Local Registrar.

While it is true that the cost of cremation is about 20% of the cost of burial, surveys indicate many people are choosing and planning cremation because of other factors. These include the simplicity and dignity of cremation services, environmental concerns, and the flexibility cremation offers in ceremony planning and in the disposition of the remains. In some parts of the country, cremation is being chosen for disposition for more than a third of all deaths. Of course, cremation is practically as old as humanity, having been practiced for centuries in other cultures. Our modern approach is simply a reflection of our growing concern for the simplicity and dignity of the cremation rite.


Rebecca GonzalezFounder & Chairman of the Board
Parents Against Crimes and Drugs
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“The Brooks Family has the commitment, compassion, sensitivity, and most importantly, integrity in meeting the family needs which is so crucial in a time of sorrow.”
Rose Williams
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"I want to express my gratitude for the kind, caring, sensitive, and peronable manner in which you handled arrangements for my loved one. Also, I appreciate that you did not press me the day of the ‘viewing’ about the extra time I realized that I took. I was pleased with the services you rendered and will certainly pass this on to anyone who may eventually need you."
The Rev. Nancy E. Hood, PHD, LPCChaplain
Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas,TX
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“No one is prepared for the loss of a loved one, no matter how anticipated that loss is. We all knew my Father was dying. We also knew how soon that be, but none of us was ready. When I received the phone call from my Mother that my Father had died during the night, of course, I called the people I knew would do the best for him and for our family, The Brooks Family. Their sensitivity and pastoral presence in our time of need was so deeply appreciated. They came to our home, carefully, compassionately, caringly prepared my Father’s body for transferal to the car. It was as if they knew exactly what we needed before we knew. And, they met that need in every way possible. During the planning process, The Brooks Family focused on what we wanted for our Father. No detail was too small or large. Each detail was carefully attended. We are so deeply grateful for their presence and their professionalism. I wouldn’t call anyone else.”

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