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  1. If Death has occured, please call to make arrangements to have one of our care team members assist you and your family immediately.

Dallas Toll-free: 1-800-300-1655 Local: 972-241-9100

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  1. Have the cremation authorization form notarized
  1. Fax the forms back to us at:
    • 972-406-1480 (Dallas)

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Founder’s Message

Click here for a message from the founder, John P. Brooks.


Rebecca GonzalezFounder & Chairman of the Board
Parents Against Crimes and Drugs
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“The Brooks Family has the commitment, compassion, sensitivity, and most importantly, integrity in meeting the family needs which is so crucial in a time of sorrow.”
Rose Williams
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"I want to express my gratitude for the kind, caring, sensitive, and peronable manner in which you handled arrangements for my loved one. Also, I appreciate that you did not press me the day of the ‘viewing’ about the extra time I realized that I took. I was pleased with the services you rendered and will certainly pass this on to anyone who may eventually need you."
The Rev. Nancy E. Hood, PHD, LPCChaplain
Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas,TX
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“No one is prepared for the loss of a loved one, no matter how anticipated that loss is. We all knew my Father was dying. We also knew how soon that be, but none of us was ready. When I received the phone call from my Mother that my Father had died during the night, of course, I called the people I knew would do the best for him and for our family, The Brooks Family. Their sensitivity and pastoral presence in our time of need was so deeply appreciated. They came to our home, carefully, compassionately, caringly prepared my Father’s body for transferal to the car. It was as if they knew exactly what we needed before we knew. And, they met that need in every way possible. During the planning process, The Brooks Family focused on what we wanted for our Father. No detail was too small or large. Each detail was carefully attended. We are so deeply grateful for their presence and their professionalism. I wouldn’t call anyone else.”
IvyDallas, TX
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"My grandmother Dorothy Roberts passed away on the third of last month. As she was the one who had brought me up, after my parents left this world meeting with an accident, her death left me heartbroken. It was pay back time for me. I wanted my last token of love and respect for her to be very special. I have heard large appreciation for your products and services from a few friends and colleagues. So I visited your website. Your website appeared to be the most convenient and user-friendly website I have ever browsed through. The catalogues exhibiting the products were evident of the aesthetic tastes and exquisite craftsmanship with which the products were created. I wanted to find a special urn for my dear Granny and the elaborate choices which your website displayed made my job difficult. Finally I chose the “Fredericsburg-Dual Capacity Urn”. I liked its cherry shine and its wonderfully finished appearance. And the best part was that the elegantly beautiful piece was being modestly offered at the most reasonable price possible. This allowed me to decide that I was ordering for it for my Granny. I called the customer care number provided at your website to make some enquiries before finally placing the order. The customer service official expressed his condolences at my loss and patiently answered all my questions regarding payments terms, shipment etc. I wanted the urn to have a gold engraving “Love You Granny”. The official assured me nicely that it will be done and conveyed the extra charge of the engraving too. He also confirmed the shipping charges which were already mentioned in your website. He assured that shipping would not damage the product in anyway. I was very pleased by his behavior and could not remember when I have last come across such a decent customer care person. I was very happy too that I was able to do this to give my Grandma her ultimate resting place. The order reached me on the stipulated day without any sort of delay. The assurance of your customer service person proved to be absolutely true as it reached my doorsteps in absolutely fine shape. When I first lay my eyes on it, I found it to be even more beautiful than it appeared in your online catalogue. The engraving was bright and delicate and it brought a lump to my throat. Your customer service person impressed me even more when he called up the very same evening to confirm whether the urn has reached safely and timely or not. People are at a very delicate frame of mind when they lose loved ones and choosing and ordering for cremation items or urns can prove to be very painful. But Cremation Online.Com has made this experience a very pleasant one for me supporting me at my hour of loss like friends and family do. Their services enabled me to pay my last tribute to my Granny who had done so much for me throughout her life."
MarkDallas, TX
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"My uncle passed away suddenly. We didn’t see it coming. It was my uncle’s last wish that he be cremated. He had left all the details of the cremation service he had paid for. It was with Cremation Online. We had the details of Cremation Online’s customer service number. While we were trying our best to cope with this huge loss, there was also the need to attend to the urgent duties. So I called up the customer service of Cremation Online. The service official was extremely kind to me and sympathetic towards my loss. She immediately found out my uncle’s booking information and arranged for a convenience to pick up his earthly remains from home. She also answered all my queries very patiently. She said that they will take care of the paperwork, filling up of forms and other necessary cremation services. At a time of deep personal grievance what one needs most is compassion and understanding. I am very pleased to say that the customer service official of Cremation Online offered me just that. My uncle had been a great influence in our lives. I wanted to remember him as a spirited man. When we were young, he used to take us all to the games, parks and fun rides. Whenever my uncle was around we were assured to have a great time. He would magically vanish the worries and bring in the good times. So I discussed my wishes with the customer service professional and how I would like to remember my uncle forever. She came up with a unique suggestion. She said that I can choose from an array of urns one that best reflects my uncle’s spirit to store his remains. We finally chose a ‘personalized cremation urn’ with a baseball bat because that was my uncle’s favourite game. She also suggested me to opt for a cremation video and we found that to be a very good idea. I also understood that Cremation Online has been providing service for last thirty five years and has been helping people to cope with their grief. They are insured and trustworthy. I was glad that my uncle was in safe hands. Their prompt service ensured that we got my uncle’s death certificate on time. That helped aunt to claim the death benefits. My uncle and aunt don’t have children. With Cremation Online taking care of all the paperwork she could avoid the running around at this age. On the stipulated day the urn and the video arrived. Those were perfect. We placed the urn next to uncle’s favourite chair and we all sat down to watch the video. The video was very well made, sensible and respectful. It’s been six months now since I lost my uncle, but every time I see the urn I remember him fondly and a silent prayer goes out for him and for Cremation Online for being there in our time of need and helping us give our uncle the dignity and respect that he deserved."